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There are several monasteries in the Lovech eparchy. The third largest monastery in Bulgaria – Troyan monastery is located there, as well as the Glozhene cloister near Teteven, the Etropole monastery "Holy Trinity", the Pravets monastery “St. Teodor Tiron” and the Chekotinski Monastery “St. Archangel Michael ".

Troyan Monastery “Holy Mother's Assumption”

Troyan Monastery “Holy Mother's Assumption”

Stauropegial Troyan monastery is the third biggest monastery in Bulgaria and the third in significance as well. It was built in 1600, but its present appearance dated back to the period 1835-1855 when the main church was erected. At present, the Troyan cloister is a complex of a main church and residential buildings, as well as two chapels-“ St Nikolay the Miracle-Worker” and “St. John the Baptist”.

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Glozhene Monastery „St. George the Victorious”

Glozhene Monastery „St. George the Victorious”

Glozhene Monastery “St. George the Victorious” was established in the middle of 13th century by the Ukrainian prince Glozh who settled in the area of the present village Glozhene with the permission of the Bulgarian king Ivan Assen II. He built there a monastery dedicated to the icon “St.George the Victorious”, which he carried with him all the way from the land of Ukraine.

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