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Assenovgrad is better known as “The Little Jerusalem” because of the biggest cluster of monasteries, churches and chapels in the whole country-more than 15 churches, 50 chapels and 7 monasteries are located there.

The second largest monastery in Bulgaria, Bachkovo Monastery, is also located in the region. Other interesting monasteries to visit, which are at the distance of no more than 20km from Assenovgrad, are Arapovski Monastery “St. Sunday”, Kuklen Monastery “ Cosma and Damyan”, Belashtinski Monastery “St. George the Victorious”, „Belocherkovski Monastery “St. Peter and Pavel”, Muldavski Monastery “St. Petka”.

Arapovski Monastery “St. Nedelya”

Arapovski Monastery “St. Nedelya”

Arapovski Monastery was established in the middle of 19th century near an antique spring. The construction was done in 1856 and 3 years later the main church "St.Nedelya" was built. The most unique bulding in Arapovski Monastery is the church tower.

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Kuklen Monastery “St.St. Kosma and Damyan”

Kuklen Monastery “St.St. Kosma and Damyan”

The Kuklen Monastery was established during the Second Bulgarian State and it was mentioned in the 11th century in a document describing the properties of the Bachkovo Monastery. It is believed that the monastery was named after the saint bothers Kozma and Damyan for their curative capabilities. The monastery emerged as a religious cloister around a spring of curable waters and according to the legend, it cures mental disorders.

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